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The People's Voice:   I have a vision for our community and includes each of you.  I want to put the people’s voice back into our city government with the creation of a number of citizen’s boards.  Examples of such boards include infrastructure, ethics, heritage, and economics.  Our citizens are our  biggest asset, let’s start using them to achieve our vision.

Infrastructure: Washington City's Transportation plan has not been updated since 2017.  Our growth for the last year was expected to happen over a span of 5 years.  This is a top priority to ensure we have the infrastructure in place to support the growth.   

Public Safety: Our Police Force is current with national standards.  Our Fire Department is not and needs to be progressed to meet our growing needs. I have a plan to build our personnel to meet NFPA standards.  I will also be a supporter of moving our city to a ALS level.  This will ensure our citizens are getting the best service they deserve.  

Mental Health Initiative : Developing a program with Southwest Behavioral Health that offers mental health education seminars free to our citizens to help educate on warning signs and solutions in our area.  In addition to a program focused on our first responders to not only service their mental health needs, but also ways to diffuse situations when dealing with an individual suffering with mental health issues.  Hoping to ensure a safer environment for our first responders and citizens.

Economic Development: Our growth has been one sided and if continued we will become a bedroom community.  To build our sales tax base I will be focusing on two major areas of development.  Exit 13 will be focused as a retail commercial area and already has a great jump start.  The second area will be a commercial, industrial,  and technological area out by the airport.  This will not only build our tax base, it will also bring in higher paying job opportunities .

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