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Transparency and Ethics in Government: My main force for getting into this race was the need for more transparency in our city.  Over the last few months we have uncovered that sitting Council members over the past ten years and their employers have financially benefited in tax dollars through city contracts.  By abstaining from the vote they are lining their pockets.  If elected and while working with other Council members I hope to pass a city ordinance discontinuing this practice.  I also am not accepting any contributions for my campaign.  I am running 100% on my own dollar to ensure you I am serious about transparency.  I will owe no one if elected, but the CITIZENS of Washington City.

Infrastructure: Government is utilized to fund and provide for essential services and not compete with the private sector.  Our infrastructure will be one of my top priorities.  It's time to find creative ways to make sure our roads are finished and up to par throughout our city.

Smart Growth:  The growth we have experienced through the pandemic has been exponential.  I believe our city's master plan is good.  We need to stay focused on it while still upholding private property owner's constitutional rights.  As a mother of an adult child I see first hands the struggle in our city for affordable housing and equitable pay.  Working together with the community I believe we can develop housing for everyone.  I will be meeting with the Economic Developer to originate ways I can facilitate bringing equitable employment opportunities to our city.  I believe we can be innovative and still continue on with our City's pioneer spirit.

Public Safety:  As a wife of a retired Firefighter, I know first hand the demands of our Public Safety Officers.  I am committed to ensuring our police and fire departments are current with national standards. That they have the personnel, equipment, and training needed to do their job safe and effectively.  And they are compensated a livable wage comparable to the region.

Conservative:  I believe in the constitution and limited government.  I am void of conflicts, not beholden to special interests, and I respect and enjoy hearing other's view.  I am fiscally conservative and responsible and will practice these truths if elected.  If elected I will represent every citizen regardless of race, sex, age, or sexual orientation.  We all have something to offer to our community.  Together we can make greatness happen.




Committee to Elect Marisa Thayn
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